About Kat


Kat Craig is a writer, teacher, IT pro, karaoke mic hog, and eater of cookies.

Kat’s foray into writing started with poetry. In first grade, Kat’s poem “Spring Has Sprung” was posted on the classroom bulletin board, and it was then that she knew her destiny would be intertwined with written words.

Kat, sometimes known as Katie Craig, has been published on sites like Rebelle Society and Huffington Post. She has blogged her heart and guts out on the screen on her personal blog worldfamouskatbox.com for years, formerly part of freakinasheville.com.

Kat has too many cats and a couple of dogs in her Asheville, NC, home…and is totally open to having about ten more cats because there’s already cat hair on everything in her life.

Kat is an avid reader and enjoys Stephen King, Joe Hill, Anne Rice, and Wally Lamb. She was once published on PositivelyPositive.com on the same day as James Altucher, one of her heroes, and that was a really great day.

“A writer without a reader is just a glorified typist.”-Kat Craig. Be brave, fellow writers, and share your words.