About Kat


Kat Craig brings her love of all things spooky and unusual into her works of fiction. Her non-fiction personal essays can be found online at RebelleSociety.com, HuffingtonPost.com, and other interesting corners of the internet. Kat has a short story in Half-Light Press Issue One, published in March 2023 by Pumpernickel Publishing, as well as a winning piece of flash fiction in an issue of Eye Contact, Seton Hill’s literary magazine.

Kat’s love of writing for an audience grew out of her first-grade debut poem, Spring Has Sprung. Posted on the bulletin board for all to see, Kat was hooked on writing from that point forward.

Kat holds an MBA in IT Management, has worked in IT since 2000, and loves encouraging women to pursue STEM careers. Kat earned her MFA in Writing Popular Fiction in 2023.

Fueled by coffee and surrounded by cats and dogs, Kat hammers out words from the mountains of North Carolina. In her free time, Kat loves a good road trip, especially when there’s an opportunity to buy boiled peanuts on the side of the road from a dilapidated stand with questionable sanitation.