Places to Find My Words in Cyberspace


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My words have a way of getting around.  In addition to what I have published on Amazon, you can read more of my work all over the place. Here’s a few places to find me out on the web; this list isn’t all-inclusive.

My Quiet Triumph: I Outlived My Stalker can be found on Rebelle Society.  Outliving him allows me the freedom to really go after my dreams at last.

3 Clues Your Friend is a Succubus is also on Rebelle Society.  I use succubus loosely here…just think “evil spawn straight from the mouth of Hell itself” if you don’t like the word choice.

3 Lies I Once Believed About Women is on Rebelle Society, too. I like their site, their overall vibe, so I am pleased to be published there.

The Secrets Behind Why Women Over 35 Give No F*cks is an article that got a lot of reads on Rebelle Society.  I also got fussed at for foul language by random strangers online, but, ummm, you might guess I give no f*cks about that feedback.

I Was Employed But Homeless was an article I wrote as part of a mastermind group I was in through Marie Forleo’s B-School. Our group met with cool writers like Jen Pastiloff and James Altucher; they challenged us to tell our most vulnerable stories…so I told one to the PositivelyPositive audience.  Even my closest friends didn’t know about this until I shared it with everyone on the Internet.

Tell Jen Pastiloff I’m Sorry was also posted on PositivelyPositive.  She was going to be in Asheville and I totally got swallowed up by anxiety and impostor syndrome and couldn’t make myself go.

With our faces in our phones, do we notice what’s going on around us? Notice Me was written after I, seemingly, was the only person to notice someone’s plight out shopping one day.

This article about bouncing back after rejection was a fun one to write. Rebounding from Rejection, Spider Style was inspired by an actual spider plus the kick in the teeth that is rejection of my work.

Looking for Groundhogs: Everyday Mindfulness was published on Huffington Post.  I still look for groundhogs!

One more can be found on Huffington Post: Why Taking Down My Vision Board Was the Right Thing to Do. Once I put my vision board away, things changed quickly!

I’m grateful to all the places that have published my words. If you see any posts you like, please comment on them on those websites and share the link if you’re so inclined.

Thank you!